Drawn In

16 02 2008

Drawn In, originally uploaded by StarrGazr.

So, it seems that my last post has gotten a LOT of attention. Thank you for all who pointed out to me that it is a very old piece and has made its way around the net. Believe it or not, I had somehow never seen it before and I have been online over 16 years. Well, what is old is made new again and for those who hadn’t seen it before, I am sure you shared my laughter, which was all I was trying to do.

Also, it was not written by John Cleese. No matter, it is still funny nonetheless.




4 responses

17 02 2008
Mairzy Doats

Thank you for your wonderful letter. Please be more specific in future publications as America’s national language, English, taken from the English.
And please comment on America’s citizens, those being citizens of America and not the English or any other. The third paragraph is priceless as you are right, I doubt anyone would notice unless of course there was a sudden limit on owning more than one car.
Many thanks

17 02 2008

For what it’s worth, I’d not seen it before either… and I did wet myself with laughter (but that’s not entirely uncommon at my age)! Well done! 😀

17 02 2008

great john, old for one but new for other, i read also your “letter”. it is funny, do you have other for asia?.

18 02 2008

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