2009 … A Year I Will Never Forget

29 08 2009

Double Beauty, Double Promises

I’ve been wanting to write for some time now, but have continually found it hard to figure out what to write. So instead of sweating out the details, I am going to just dive in. I do this for myself. If, by some chance, other may find my writing useful, helpful, entertaining, whatever — then all the better.

For those who don’t know, and I am not going to get into the details here and now, my life radically changed this past March. It was a total shock and something I could never have seen coming in a thousand, million years. Needless to say, it has left me in a place where I need to pick up the pieces and as some friend have suggested, put them together to make a whole new puzzle. And that’s what I am doing.

I have learned some lessons along the way and I know I have many more to go, but I thought if I could jot some down and share them with you, I would get them out of my head, put them in a place where I can always look back on them if I ever need a reminder, and maybe, just maybe, someone else can benefit from them as well.

The first and most important lesson that I learned is that there is only one thing in this whole world we can control and to assume that we have any more control than this is to lie to ourselves. We cannot control the actions of others. The only thing we can control is how we react to what life brings our way and sets down in front of us. Life can throw us curve balls, but it is within our power to duck or get smacked with that ball and knocked out.

I choose to duck and come back up swinging. I refuse to let things that happen to me take over my life. It is my life and I have control over how I choose to deal with things and how I live. I choose to be happy and I choose to be content. For months now, I have known those words, but I haven’t known how to make them real. I knew they were the right words, but I didn’t know how to live them. Life was hard. Very hard. But I have always known that above all else, I will be fine. It is that knowledge that has kept me going, even when I got off track and smacked into a wall. I know I am going to be fine. But recently I realised just what those words were and what they meant. Suddenly, it has become very clear to me that happiness is mine for the making.

Life truly is good.

And yes, little did I know when I started this blog, things are looking up.

Stay a while and take this ride with me. I promise you that good things are on their way. The trail may be a bit rocky at times, but I know that glorious things have already found me, with more on the way.

If you made it this far, please just drop me a note saying you were here. I’d love to hear from you.






One response

3 09 2009
Len Edgerly

Very nice. Reading these words gave me a lift on a morning when lack of sleep makes most everything ahead of me look impossible. Go there. And maybe nap. Thanks!

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