Going with the Flow

31 08 2009

Going with the Flow, originally uploaded by StarrGazr.

“One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you.”

– Jeff Bezos (1964 – ), Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Amazon.com

Isn’t that the truth!

I read that in a tweet from Scott Fox yesterday. That was just the start of my day, but it set my day up perfectly.

My morning was spent with my beloved New Hampshire Flickr Group, traipsing through the woods and taking photographs. Funny thing was I spent more time talking with the members of my group then actually taking photographs myself. But that was great. There is nothing better than spending some face to face time to actually talk and plan about new ideas. I did get to walk about with my camera and do some shooting once everyone else left and I was alone in the woods.

In many ways, I have been stuck and caught in the abrupt change in my life. I was unable to move forward because I wanted to know all the answers without bothering to ask the questions or even really know what the questions were. That can never work. Instead, I have come to realise that I do not need to know all of the answers. What I need to know is a direction and then follow the flow.

Find Your Passion

When you are quiet and can really listen to yourself, you can find your passion. What is it that sparks a fire within you that you that cannot rest unless you are addressing it? Passion comes from within and needs to go out. It is what we give back to the world. Passion is a force that changes the world. You cannot create passion, you can only find it within you.

Later in the evening came a tweet from Justin Whitaker which started a conversation on passion.

I keep seeing people talk about passion: “I have a passion for marketing”. Seems limiting somehow. How about a passion for helping people? Maybe we need to rethink passion: passion is the what, vocation is the how.

In replying to Justin, I replied that I am in the process of following where passion is leading me, going with the flow, and I am using my passion to move me forward. I am trusting that my passion is going to manifest itself into something sustainable. I can’t create passion, but I can allow my passions to drive me to make positive changes in my life and use it to manifest my dreams and visions. I can go with the flow.

I have come to realise that I have several passions (or is it one passion that branches into several different avenues) that I am working on bringing out and being productive with. Suddenly I find myself in need of a job after not working at anything steadily for a few years now. I have found ways here and there to be productive and have done some freelance photography work, but the pressure wasn’t there to make me have to focus on doing anything in particular. I’ve been focusing on being a good mother, being a supportive wife and building a reputation for my photography, the photography of my NH Group and my online presence. But I haven’t really buckled down and figured out what my passion was and where it was going to lead me. In a way, I was dead.

Freedom is killing you. Julien

The best way to be productive is to Give in to the Machine as outlined by Julien and brought to my attention by Chris Brogan last night. Timing is everything. As with Chris, it was just the thing I needed to read last night. All the pieces of the day were fitting together for me, giving me the complete picture.

Without passion in your life, you are not spiritually alive. I was ignoring the fire within. I wasn’t given enough back into the community in which I am a part of. Realising this and focusing on finding my passion has brought me back life and has enabled me to start living again. I have recognised that there is a lot of work ahead of me and many things to accomplish. I am excited! There are many pots being stirred and just like spaghetti, I’m tossing things on the wall to see what sticks.

I have dreams and vision that I can see manifesting themselves now that before I thought they were unattainable and I really couldn’t see them clearly. In contrast, my visions and dreams are clarifying themselves with each step forward I take, with each leap of faith and tide I ride in the flow of passion.

One last quote and article came to me yesterday that I would like to share. This too came via Chris Brogan:

“Starting a company is not impressive. Changing your life’s path is awe inspiring.

If given the opportunity to take a Left Turn, dont let it pass you by.  Jump. The parachute will figure itself out.”

This is it! These are the answers I have been seeking. Find your passion, go with the flow, have a plan and work hard. No worries. No fear. Just do it!

“If you’re careful enough, nothing good or bad will ever happen to you.” — Henry Alford.

Tweeted by Jordan English Gross and isn’t that also the truth.

Nothing is impossible and all is within your reach.




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