8 09 2009

Fortitude, originally uploaded by StarrGazr.

fortitude ( ) n. Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage.

Strength of mind.

The one thing I keep hearing from people is, “Stay Strong,” and others have said things to the effect of, “You are the strongest woman I know.” These are both great advice and encouragement. It is through strength that we are able to overcome, be it physical or mental. If we try to lift something that is heavy, it is strength that sees us through. Likewise, if life has dealt you a hefty blow, you need to call upon your strength of mind, character, heart and spirit to bring you through.

There are certainly times, even the strongest of us get weary and tired and just want to rest. The problem is, when you are in fight or flight mode due to pain or adversity, your body won’t let you rest, even when you believe you are at rest. Your mind is always working, trying to solve the perceived problem of how to endure. Yet somehow, we strap our boots back on, even when exhausted and keep going thanks to fortitude.

It is fortitude that allows us to raise our head high and stand up to that which we fear. Somehow we make it through. Even though we may feel alone, scared and in pain, we can still stand tall. That is fortitude.

I wish you all the power of fortitude to help you rise above the obstacles in your life. I know you can and will be successful as long as you keep trying. Think of other times in your life that fortitude has helped you through. When has fortitude helped you to succeed?




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21 09 2009
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