Once Upon a Time

22 09 2009

Castle and Clouds, originally uploaded by StarrGazr.

Once upon a time, we all love stories that begin with those words. Those are the words that launch visions of fairy tales and dreams in our minds. We hear those words and our eyes light up and focus as we eagerly settle in to hear the rest of the tale, anxiously awaiting the promised ending of, “…happily ever after,” those other magical words.

We like our stories. They entertain us and sometimes teach us, but mostly they give us a sense of comfort and stability in a world that is anything but. They give us hope as we wait for our knight in shining armour or our fair princess. For if we just had our fairy tale, then life would be wonderful and perfect.

Sometimes we are lucky and we get our fairy tale, complete with the castle and all that comes with it. We thrive and bask in the glory of our fairy tale life never even stopping to realise that fairy tales are not true. We buy in to the dream somehow forgetting that dreams are made of ether. We walk forth amazed at our good fortune and blessings, blind to the reality around us.

Then one day, it all crumbles down. Shatters right before our eyes. We stand there in disbelief, wondering how this could have happened. We were promised the, “…happily ever after.” Where is it?

Well, see, here is the beauty of this and the part that is often missed. Who says when the fairy tale ends? Who says this is the “ever after”?

For now, one chapter ends so another can begin.

That’s what life is all about. Real life. And we can live “Happily Ever After.”




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