What do you Focus On?

27 09 2009

What do you Focus On?, originally uploaded by StarrGazr.


Do you focus on the dark and impending fall of night? Or do you focus on the

What do you Focus On?, originally uploaded by StarrGazr.

Glorious light of day?

They are both there, both present. But it is up to us to make the choice of what to focus our energies on. These photos were taken at the same time, from the same spot of the same location, but given a twist of the zoom, I was able to block out the darkness and see only the light.

Can’t we also do that in life? When we are faced with a problem or situation that seems to be foreboding or troublesome, we can choose to dwell on the negative aspects of that situation, or we can zoom in and highlight the good. Sometimes that is a difficult task, but I am sure that it is possible in every scenario.

Don’t get caught up in the darkness, pan for the gold and I assure you life will be so much brighter as you bring yourself into the light.




One response

27 09 2009
Jay McGillicuddy

The glass is always half full in my house. I am much a proponent of the power of positive thinking. Negative thoughts distract and take up so much of my time to try and get the positive out of the situation that it can really tire you out.

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