Right Here, Right Now

2 11 2009

That is the mantra that has kept me going that past few months as I wander the paths of healing. It has gotten easier, but the times I find that I have the mist trouble is when I drift into memories of days past or shattered dreams of why I thought was my future. Either one can send me into a pulmelting fall into the pit of pity and despair, I place I choose not to go to.

Today I am out wandering around in the Andres Institute in Brookline, New Hampshire (more in that later) and I noticed something. When you are walking down a path, how often do you turn around and look over your shoulder? If you are like me, not very often. My focus is on the path ahead and with a destination, or goal, at least loosely in mind. I watch ahead of me knowing that each small step I take will eventually bring me somewhere else. Everything I have passed, I’ve experienced, and have continued walking away from.

So why is this so hard in our personal lives and in matters of the heart? Nothing lasts forever, but everything suits it’s purpose in the present — Right Here. Right Now.




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