Race Day at @Crotched Mountain

28 12 2009

Even though the day started out with rain and everyone got soaked. it was still a great day with lots of smiles from the kids and some great racing! The ski condition were actually pretty good for the day and the sun came out later.

@Crotched Mountain Junior Racing came away with many medals and trophies.

The “Rain” cat, readying the mountain for the race.

Registration line.

The @Crotched Mountain Race Team

Getting ready to start the race from the top.

Amber and Rhiannon waiting patiently.

More racers.

Anxiously awaiting…

Boys line up.

Amber, Rhi and one of the Twins.

Can’t even see the track. Visibility next to null.

The girls huddle.

Second half of the day, the fog began to lift. We could actually see a full half of the course.

Almost total visibility of the course, the races were almost over.

Getting ready to give out the awards.

Greg King and John Tyler announcing the winners.

The @Crotched Team and their medals and trophies.




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