Time to Start Anew

14 06 2010

Today is another Monday. Poor Monday, always taking the rap for marking the end of the weekend and the beginning of a work week. Why should this be a bad thing? Mondays mark the beginning of a journey through another week, more opportunities, new beginnings. To me, that is exciting! Who doesn’t like the chance for a fresh start? A clean slate? A new day, new week?

Mondays should be looked forward to as a day of venturing forward, moving on. Where will Monday take you? Which path will you take?

This week, I am deciding to try and write every day. That’s a huge goal for me since I find myself easily distracted and so many different projects I want to work on. This is an attempt to stay focused on one, for now. I write nearly every day in my own hard copy journal, but that is just for me. My goal is to start writing here every day as well, for me and for you. I have no real plan other than to keep writing. If you enjoy what you read, if I can add value to your day, please let me know or just stalk if you will, either way is fine with me.

Canobie Lake Park

Looking forward to Canobie Lake Park tomorrow.

Also on tap for tomorrow is my daughter’s school’s annual trip to Canobie Lake Park. I’m SO excited! and for once, the weather report looks like it is going to be a perfect day for a trip to an amusement park. So many years we have been rained upon and threatened with thunderstorms, but tomorrow’s weather looks perfect. This will be the past time in nine years we have been taking this trip. So many changes lay ahead for us as my daughter leaves the school she has known since birth, first with her brother attending, then her. So even as this Monday brings with it the promise of new, it is also marking the end as it is her last Monday at World Elementary.

Every new beginning also marks an ending. But beginnings are far more exciting than endings, no?

What on tap for your week? What is Monday bringing to you?

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